Matthew McConaughey Hair Transplant Procedure

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Matthew McConaughey Hair Transplant

About Matthew McConaughey

Matthew McConaughey Hair Transplant – Everybody must agree that Matthew McConaughey is one of the hottest actors in Hollywood. Matthew has been riding high since his Oscar win for best actor this year. However this has only added to the rumors of Matthew McConaughey plastic surgery. He has such a youthful personality that he might have felt some pressure to make sure that his looks continued to match his body and character. Therefore there have been many people talking about Matthew McConaughey plastic surgery, in particular a hair transplant and some surgery on his face. Looking at pictures from the past it is easy to see that his hair has changed.

Did Matthew McConaughey Get Hair Transplant?

In 1999 pictures of him show that is was starting to go bald, he had a receding hair line. However by 2005 he had a full head of hair with no receding in sight. Men do not reverse balding unless they have some procedures done to restore their hair line. There are many people who say that he had a hair transplant sometime between 1999 and 2005.

Matthew McConaughey Hair Plugs

In the years to come his hair has only got longer and thicker. He looks more dashing with his fuller head of hair. According to Matthew he did not have any surgery but he has been taking a supplement to help his hair grow better. He said he was using Regenix. However many experts have said that there are no miracle drug that can regrow hair.

The only way to get such great results is to have a transplant. This is not the only procedure that people think he has had. They also talk about the changes to his face. Looking at pictures from 2002 until now many people notice that his eyes are more open. This could be a sign of eyelid plastic surgery. He now has less skin over his eyes and they look more sunken into his head. This could also be due to sun damage.

Who is Matthew McConaughey’s Girlfriend?

Matthew McConaughey girlfriend is now his wife. Camila Alves and Matthew had been dating for a couple of years and had a baby before they decided to get married. They wed in 2012 and have three children together. She is much younger than him therefore she might be the reason why he might be getting plastic surgery.

He wants to look younger and not many years older than his wife. Camila is a model and a mom to three children. She and her husband are seen out together and in past pictures he did look much older than her however now he looks about the same age as her.

What is his Net Worth?

At the moment McConaughey is one of the hottest male actors in Hollywood. Therefore it is not surprise that Matthew Mcconaughey net worth is $75 million dollars. He has been an actor since 1991 therefore he has earned his fortune over this time mostly from big blockbuster movies such as Dallas Buyers Club and a Time to Kill.

He has also had many roles in romantic comedies. He has to keep up with his work and maybe he started to feel a lot of pressure to look younger but he should be careful because too much plastic surgery could have negative effects.

Plastic Surgeries

Matthew McConaughey - Plastic Surgeries Overview
Rhinoplasty (Nose Job)N/A
Breast AugmentationN/A
Breast ReductionN/A
Butt ImplantsN/A
Butt LiftN/A
Eyelid Surgery (Eyelift)N/A

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